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Don’t second-guess yourself anymore. Be proactive and schedule a mock interview today.

Second-guessing the Interview?

Have you ever left an interview wondering what if? If you knew the right way to answer those salary questions or how you could have composed yourself better after stumbling through that answer… maybe you could have landed that job?

LevelHire provides practice interviews during a simulated call. Employment industry experts have confirmed that the best preparation for interviewing is practice. It allows you the chance to experiment with your answers and develop confidence in handling tough questions just as you would with a prospective employer.

We offer a variety of one-on-one sessions, from basic interviews with immediate one-time feedback, to advanced interviews that provide you with a recording of the interaction and detailed feedback on how you did with a follow-up call from your mock interviewer to talk about your responses. No matter what your level of interview experience is, there’s always room to develop your skills and take your career a level higher.



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I was surprised by some of the tricks they had up their sleeve to share that I did not know about!

Sales Manager NY City

I discovered LevelHire and within one week I received 5 interviews,

Human Resource Generalist KS

It features great insights not offered by others. I highly recommend it.

S. Hamilton

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